Information and Communication Technology skills play a key role in promoting the economic development of a country. Modern business is shaped by technological change, competitiveness and globalization. In many organizations, Information Technology (IT) is the strategic asset, which drives competitiveness and supports alliances and partnerships. All this dictate the need for highly qualified manpower capable of both training and conducting research in the field. Advances in Information Technology (IT) have dramatically transformed the way in which our entire society lives, works, learns, communicates, and does business. In particular, the conduct of Science and Engineering has been profoundly altered, so that it is possible today to work on problems in these areas at unprecedented levels of speed, precision, and detail. To enhance the positive effect of these transformations, the research in Information Technology explores new scientific, engineering and educational areas in Information Technology that enhance development as well as pursuing the discovery of principles and the development of e-governance technologies to support the engineering of large, complex software systems. The Doctor of Philosophy in Information Technology programme is therefore designed to propel the country towards meeting the 2030 vision and beyond as it provides students with relevant knowledge in Information Technology.


Philosophy of the programme

The PhD (IT) programme embodies the view that well trained manpower and Innovation in Information Technology is critical for sustainable utilization of ICT and human resources for the development posterity of the universe.

Goal of the programme

To train doctoral human resource to generate, transmit and advance new knowledge in Information Technology for sustainable development.

Expected learning outcomes of the programme

By the end of the PhD (IT) programme a graduate shall able to:


Programme structure

For course work option

Year One Semester I

Core courses

PIT 910       Philosophy of computing

PIT 911       Advances in Information Technology Management

PIT 912       Advanced Research Methods in Computing

PIT 913       Advanced data analysis techniques in computing

PIT 914       Information Technology and society

Year One Semester II

Core Courses

PIT 920       Information and Communication Technology for Development

PIT 921       Scientific Writing in computing

PIT 922       Advanced Research in Green Computing

PIT 923       Advanced Research in Software Systems Architecture

PIT 989       Thesis Proposal Writing

Year Two Semester One and Two

PIT 981             IT undergraduate tutorials and supervision

PIT 999 (I)        Thesis writing I

Year Three Semester One and Two

PIT 982             IT Masters tutorials and supervision

PIT 999(II)       Thesis writing II

By research only option

Year One Semester I and II

PIT 979           Thesis Proposal development

PIT 978           Information technology seminars

Year Two Semester One and Two

PIT 981           IT undergraduate tutorials and supervision

PIT 999 (I)      Thesis writing I

Year Three Semester One and Two

PIT 982           IT Masters tutorials and supervision

PIT 999(II)      Thesis writing II