The Master of Science in Information Technology is a unique post graduate program that equips candidates with the theory and practice of Information Technology. It aims to meet the increasing demand for IT professionals. The program blends theory with the latest state-of-the-art Industry-based courses, thus adequately preparing the candidates to make relevant contributions towards the national goal of industrialization.

Year 1

Semester 1


Semester 2

  • MIT 810 Database Systems & Information Modeling
  • MIT 811 Information Technology Project Management
  • MIT 812 Business Information Systems
  • MIT 813 Object Oriented Analysis & Design
  • MIT 814 Computer Networks
  • MIT 815 Research methods
  • MIT 820 Architectures for Software Systems and emerging Issues
  • MIT 821 Enterprise Application Development & Architectures
  • MIT 822 Green ICT
  • MIT 823 Artificial Intelligence and Expert Systems
  • MIT 824 Security Architecture & Analysis
  • MIT 899 MSc IT Thesis (Part I) Research Proposal writing
Year 2

Semester 1


Semester 2

  • MIT 899 MSc IT Thesis (Part II) (Research)
  • MIT 825 Network Management
  • MIT 826 Information Technology emerging issues
  • Elective 1
  • Elective 2
  • MIT899 MSc IT Thesis (Part III) (Research and Thesis writing)
Specialization Electives

Students are to choose two electives in consultation with the department from any one of the specialization options below. The department will advice on which options will be on offer at any given time. The MSc IT theses should be done in the specialization option chosen.

Information Technology Management Option

Software Design & Management Option

Information Security Option

Networking Technologies and Management option