Castro Mbithi, a Man of Many Hats

Castro Mbithi, a Man of Many Hats
Castro Mbithi, is a fourth-year student pursuing BSc. in Information Technology at Kibabii University, the skills he has acquired over the last four years as an IT student has enabled him to take up the responsibilities of running Ajira Club at Kibabii University, and participate as a Microsoft Student Partner (MSP) at Kibabii University.

Ajira Digital Programme is fronted by the Ministry of ICT in partnership with the Ministry of Public Service, Youth and Gender Affairs, Ministry of Education and Ministry of Foreign Affairs. With objectives of raising the profile of online work, promoting a mentorship and collaborative learning approach to finding online work, providing Kenyans with access to online work and promoting Kenya as a destination for online work.
Castro Mbithi, a Man of Many Hats
Mr. Mbithi has made the best out of the overwhelming impact of the current COVID-19 pandemic, by placing the university in the world map by holding several online events and hackathons that drew participation across the world. His online engagements include enrolling for various online trainings to sharpen his technical skills. A very important exercise in the IT field.

He also encourages his peers to look beyond the setbacks presented by this pandemic, by seizing online opportunities, both in training and job opportunities. He went further to say that COVID-19 has shown that Information Communication Technology (ICT) has a unique role to play in every human aspect especially conventional way of doing things are affected by such pandemics.

Mr. Mbithi is equally optimistic that indeed, it is possible to mainstream virtual engagements and institutions of higher learning can fully embrace virtual platforms for the day to day running of the universities programmes. He advises Universities to consider online jobs for industrial attachment examination for it offers requisite skills and exposes students to the emerging industrial skills that are market responsive and relevant to the world market application.

Currently, Mr. Mbithi works as a social media manager for Learning Dollars Talent, a software development company domiciled in San Francisco – United States of America. Part of his responsibilities at the company includes getting new clients and software engineers using Slack. Indeed, he has proved to all and sundry that in every cloud has a silver lining.

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