Congratulations to our new Associate Professor-KIBU,Department of Information Technology

Prof. Samuel Mungai

Dr. Samuel Mungai was interviewed and found fit to be promoted to an Associate Professor in Information Technology , Department of Information Technology , the School of Computing and Informatics Kibabii University.

He has PhD from Masinde Muliro University of Science and Technology and is a Chartered Engineer. He joined Kibabii University in 2013 from Masinde Muliro University of Science and Technology where he was serving as a lecturer. He has been serving as the Director of Information Communication Technology and as a Senior Lecturer in the Department of Information Technology, School of Computing and Informatics, Kibabii University.

His area of research is Software Engineering. He developed a model on the three internal software attributes and attackability. The relationship on coupling and attackability had earlier been defined, so he advanced this to include the other two internal attributes and developed technical metrics for each of the attributes working alone and when the three (attributes) are working concurrently.

It had also earlier been established that seven human attributes that is Kindness, Dishonesty, Social Compliance, Time pressure, Herd mentality, Greed/need could be used by social engineers in attacking software systems. He modelled these attributes into a probabilistic model and derived social atackability metrics.

He later combined the technical attackability model and social attackability model into holistic predictive attackability model and associated metrics.

As the Director ICT, he has been key in automation of services in the University. The Key automation being the implementation of Enterprise resources Planning (ERP) with University. During the implementation he developed ERP implementation metrics which have been published in peer reviewed journal and in a book chapter. He has been involved in implementation of campus network and also CCTV in the University.

He has supervised to graduation two PhD students and by 22nd November 2019, three more PhD student are expected to graduate. He has also supervised 11 Masters of Science in Information Technology to graduation and by 22nd of November 2019 two more are expected to graduate. Furthermore, he has assessed several Postgraduate theses and candidates applying to become Chartered Engineers.

He has published in peer review journals, books and book chapters, produced teaching modules and presently a book entitled Digital Electronics is with the publisher.

He has been involved in research proposal writing and was part of the team that secured Kes 64.6 million ICT infrastructure funding to develop an ICT hub in Kibabii University.

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